Sugar Scrub

There's no better way to end a long week of school, studying and volunteering than to take a warm bubble bath--and maybe some eucalyptus candles, a book (non-science related) and soothing music. I've been so active lately that my body definitely deserves some pampering. I came across this recipe on Pinterest for a simple sugar scrub that's been working amazingly for me, and the best part--it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. 

There were specific measurements but I just scoop a whole bunch of sugar onto a bowl and start pouring extra virgin olive oil and mix it until I get the consistency of a regular scrub. I also put a little bit of Bath and Body Works' Eucalyptus Spearmint massage oil into the mixture and makes it smell so relaxing. Some lemon juice works well too.

I basically just scrub this all over my body, especially my legs. It works best when you apply this scrub before shaving--it exfoliates so well and helps remove dead skin cells. Try this! My skin always feels amazing afterwards.