Bag Crazy

I apologize for the week-long hiatus from posting, I've been bombarded with three exams all within five days. I'm pretty burnt out, but I'm getting back on track. How'd I relieve my stress? Shopping. Just kidding, my mom did--I just carried the damage. Then again, these bags will most likely be passed on to me. Right mom? Haha. 

{Hermes - Toolbox}

I find this bag gorgeous, the color is so elegant. It's also nice to stray away a little bit from the Birkin craze. There are other bags at Hermes that I love - Lindy and Evelyne to name a few. 

{Yves Saint Laurent - Mini Chyc Cabas}

I call these the doctor bags - I want to pull out a stethoscope out of them. I love that it comes with a strap so I can wear it on my shoulder. These bags are most likely going to be classics now, since Yves Saint Laurent is changing its name to just simply Saint Laurent. I'm glad I had the chance to get my Easy Tote before they changed their name.

{Reed Krakoff - Atlantique}

This bag reminds me of the Celine Mini Luggage (that I can't wait to inherit from my mom as well), and it looks like something I'd travel with. The color is a beautiful royal blue - perfect for casual outfits.

{Reed Krakoff - Boxer }

Isn't this bag just simply cute? I first saw it from Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. I'm in love with the color and the size of this bag is decently big as well. I feel like I can almost use it as a school bag. One of my favorites!


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    1. I could definitely see you wearing it! It's shaped just like the Balenciaga you gave me too. :)


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