Arm Candy?

This is my first attempt at some arm candy. I'm not used to having all sorts of bracelets in one arm, I feel  like it's too heavy. I usually only wear a watch (you can probably tell my gold MK watch is my favorite) and maybe a bracelet on my other arm. This is probably the most I'll do ~ and it already feels like too much. Maybe if I had those Hermes (and Cartier) bracelets above I'll start going arm candy crazy (I'm in love with the CDC cuff). I feel like I don't have a good variety of bracelets to put together just yet. Time for a trip to Forever 21 and H&M maybe?


  1. wahhhhhhh, lurrrrvvvve the CDC... i'll get one in white! (when I grow up)

  2. love your strappy leather bracelet! i've been wanting to try wearing some arm candy but i have like no bracelets lol


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