Five Things

These five things posts are starting to become one of my favorite blog posts. I love its randomness and how it highlights five things in my week that made me smile. It's been a tough week for me, trying to cram one month's worth of lectures from two different classes for two exams tomorrow. Coffee and snacks will be my best friends tonight, and hopefully a nap sometime in between studying that won't last for 5 hours. 

{Fashion eyeglasses from a small booth at Town Square last night}

{A little strawberry figurine from my brother's friend Nikki - hello and thank you if you're reading!}

{Adorable mini appetizer plates I picked up at Target}

{Finally got to grasp the much-awaited iPhone 5}

{Mom recently changed the centerpiece of our coffee table in the living room - I've been obsessed with all things white lately}