First Day of Fall

The weather is slightly getting cooler, and what I mean by that is the temperature is no longer above 100 degrees fahrenheit. It's still pretty hot, but it's much better.

It rained for a couple of minutes. Rain in Vegas excites me. I must be getting old, because I felt that it was going to rain, and therefore I didn't give my car a carwash. And I was right. :)

Decided to be festive for fall so we decorated our dining table with halloween kisses, candy corns and baby pumpkins, and not to mention our fall table runner :)

Baby pumpkins. They were just super cute. I plan on making these into a small batch of pumpkin soup one of these days, Hahah.

What better way to spend the first day of fall than to drink up some Starbucks and enjoy the weather? ;)

and eat some freshly baked french bread from the bakery at Vons,

to match with my creamy tomato and basil soup. <3

How did YOU spend the first day of fall? :)


  1. so fancy shmancy! :)

  2. Could you share your recipe for the tomato basil soup? Looks yummy!!


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