My First Day of School

Today was my first day of my senior year in college (well, to get my bachelor's degree, I still have about 4 years of graduate school). It went very smooth. I found a parking spot on the first floor of the parking garage (this is very, very RARE, especially on the first day of school). I usually find spots on the 6th floor because everyone shows up on the first day of school. As the semester progresses, people start skipping class, so there's more parking spots. Hah.

On my way to school ~ no traffic, thank goodness. 

Got a spot on the first floor!

The newest building on campus. There's an Einstein Bagels inside ~ I usually get a quick breakfast there before I go to class.

Subway anyone? :) We usually call this the Sidewalk Cafe because it's on the sidewalk in between buildings.

The Slidin' Thru truck. My favorite go-to place when I get out of class and I don't feel like walking to the Student Union (I will post pics of it when I go there sometime this week). This truck is always right outside of the class I'm in, so its very convenient :)


My first class ~ Biochemistry I (CHEM 474). Finally, a professor that can speak PERFECT English! All my chemistry teachers through the years have always been either monotoned, boring or FOB (lol). 

Headed to the library ~  I have a break from 12:45-2:30. I usually use this time to study in between classes. 

First floor of the library. There's five floors total.

There's a Coffee Bean at our library :) Love this place, especially when I'm tired of getting Starbucks (which we also have, at the Student Union) and I need to stay up studying.

Met up with Jessica because we have the same break :) We brought lunch! She had Goldilocks and an empanada! Hahah. I had pasta..

Penne pasta with sausage (recipe to come soon). I know, I use chopsticks. Hahah. It's because it comes with a case ~ that way I can store it away without my school stuff getting dirty.

Shared my pasta with Jess :) Hahah

My new favorite drink!!! Earl Grey Tea Latte! Thanks Jessica for recommending it!

My second class ~ General Physics (PHYS 151).

My third and last class for the day ~ Cell Physiology (BIOL 445).

Finally done with classes at 5:15. I totally forgot that I scheduled myself to leave school around rush hour :/

Rush hour on the freeway. Hahahaha. Yeah, it's really not that bad. Except I actually listened to about 6 songs on my way home. That's a lot ~ I usually only listen to one or two songs when I drive somewhere. Hahah.

More posts and pics will come soon as I start getting settled into school and all the fun activities around UNLV comes (like premier night, etc).


  1. i love the library!!!!!!! if our library here in the Phils. looks just even a fourth of yours, it would be fantabulous!!!


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