Five Things

After five years of studying, liters of coffee, sleepless nights, hours of classes, nerve-wrecking exams and meeting tons of people, I've finally received my diploma for my Bachelor's Degree in Biology. Now onto better things! 

My nail polish box that I picked up from Home Goods. This started with my Voluspa diffuser on top of it and eventually turned into a vessel for my favorite perfumes. 

One of my favorite sections in Target is the $1 section. I always find the cutest bunches of random things in there, and I can never get myself to leave empty handed. How cute are these stickers and those giant push-pins? 

Picked up these adorable gift tags at the $1 section at Target as well. 

When I was in Manila, I always try to come home to the States with stuff I usually can't find around here. I scored this wrapping paper book with the cutest designs for those little presents (tie some twine around and attach some gift tags and you're all set).