Five Things - Target Version

"I'm going to Target to buy nothing." - said no one ever. It's quite impossible to leave Target without anything. It's even worse when you pick up a shopping cart expecting to buy only what you needed to buy. Here are my five favorite things I picked up at Target this week: 

2015 Planner. I love the simple design and the spaces where I can write all my reminders. It's only November, but I know for a fact that if I come back looking for this in January, it will be nowhere to be found. 

This giant highlighter. Who doesn't need this? I bought it for the purpose of motivating myself to read my GRE book and highlight important topics. 

I have an obsession with gift tags from the dollar section. Scratch that. I have an obsession with all cute things in the dollar section. 

My go-to cheap toner by Boots. It's everything that it says on the bottle: For sensitive skin, it's gentle and it's refreshing. 

They strategically placed this right by the cash wraps for the purpose of me impulse-buying. Thank you, Target. Thank you. How cute is this though? It's extremely soft and perfect for this awesome weather we're having in Las Vegas.

Have a great week!