Travel Essentials

If there's one thing I hate about traveling, it would be packing. I become rather frantic when it comes to choosing what to wear, what to pack (am I forgetting something?) and not over-pack. I try to choose more versatile pieces to wear, that way I have room in my suitcase for possible souvenirs.

I had the chance to visit Ikea not too long ago (we don't have one here in Vegas) and I stumbled upon these cute travel cases that comes in a pack of four for only $7.99. I love the idea of my garments being separated and it's just so much easier to find when you find yourself rummaging through your luggage for that one shirt or a pair of socks.

There's so many possibilities on what you can put in these - shoes, underwear, jewelry, delicates, electrical items (all those chargers), toiletries and even travel documents. 

Right next to the travel cases were these colorful 100ml travel bottles for only $0.99 for a pack of four. How adorable are these? I find hotel shampoos and conditioners too small for the amount of hair I have, so having these will definitely save my hair from a bad hair day. 

What about my moisturizers, toners, sunscreen, lip scrubs, etc? Traveling doesn't call for an excuse to neglect these products. These containers I picked up from Tokyo Discount are tiny enough to store just the right amount of product to last you for a couple of days.