French Macarons

{Mid-afternoon snack - assorted macarons from Payard and green tea}

There's just something about French macarons that makes me adore them so much. They're cute, sweet, and melt-in-your mouth kind of delicious. I've started to canvas places I want to visit for my trip to London and Paris this Christmas and due to my obsession with macarons, I would really like to visit Laduree. They've recently collaborated with Lanvin (big fan of their flats) and the colors of the macarons are just so adorable -- they even have a bubble gum flavored one. The box is even more tempting and makes me want one for keepsakes. Since we don't have a Laduree here, I usually go to Bouchon for my macarons. I recently tried the macarons at Payard Patisserie & Bistro at Caesar's Palace -- satisfied my cravings but I'd rather go to Bouchon.


  1. I've been wanting to go to payard! The tea cup looks so cute :D

    There's a Laduree in NYC. Not the best that I've tried but maybe my expectations were too high lol

    1. My expectations were high at Payard as well, but it was okay. Lol.

      Haha yeah my first plan was to visit Laduree in NYC but since I'll be going to Paris first, I'll try it there. It's most likely going to be way better in Paris (hopefully).


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