Blog-less Week...

Today I'll be heading to Reno, NV with a couple of my good friends and other members of the APHP group at UNLV. We'll be touring the University of Nevada School of Medicine on Tuesday, and two days (Monday & Wednesday) will be spent at the North Star Ski Resort, for a total of 5 days - I'll be back Thursday night. I'm very excited because I've never been to Reno. It's 8 hours away from Las Vegas (hawmygod), which is mainly why I've never been there. I won't be bringing my laptop because I already am bringing too much stuff already (my snow gear took up 3/4 of my suitcase space), so I won't be blogging for a whole week. A whole week because this coming Friday, I'm leaving again to go to Anaheim, CA with my family to visit Disneyland for my brother's birthday until Sunday. Whew! It's a good way to end my winter break. School starts a week from now. Well, until then! I hope you all have a wonderful week.


  1. blog for 1 week? Nooooo!



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