Christmas Cake Pops

Merry Christmas everyone! I just had to make some Christmas cake pops for the party tomorrow. I did everything so last minute though. I ran out to Michael's to grab some lollipop sticks (after I've already baked the cake) only to find out that someone bought every single pack of them. I almost bought little candy cups just to make cake balls, but I found these cute candy cane thingies - and I thought they'd make great and sturdy replacement sticks. 

[Stackable Snowman Sprinkles]

I was planning to make Rudolph cake pops like I did for APHP's bake sale a couple of weeks ago, but I just got so lazy. I went out to dinner earlier with my family at Aquaknox @ The Palazzo (which was absoluuuuuutely amazing by the way), and I was already so tired. So, I decided to just dip the pops into some candy melt and sprinkle them with christmas sprinkles.

[Yup, I definitely saved myself some energy and did it plain and simple like that]

I usually just wrap the cake part with candy bags, but since the handle is also edible, I had to place the whole pop into these adorable Christmas treat bags.

I have no idea why I love making cake pops. I just do. Even if it makes me so tired, I still do it. I never realize how tired it makes me until the very last cake pop I dip into the candy melt!