I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on everything that happened in 2011. Overall it was a very great year! One of my good ones. Here's a few highlights. Warning - this might be a really, really, long post. :)

January - May

Probably the biggest highlight of my year - I quit my job at ALDO shoes. I really need to concentrate on school since I only have a few semesters left before graduation.

I went to Big Bear, CA for a couple of days to have some snow fun with my family, plus my bff Jenn and her bf Roger! We went snow tubing and made a really cute snowman :)

Spring 2011 semester started. I took Organic Chemistry II + Lab, Microbiology + Lab, Anatomy & Pilates. It was definitely a tough semester, but I survived!

I really don't remember anything spectacular that happened within these months that I was in school, I just remember drinking a LOT of coffee (I got my Starbucks Gold Card within these months).

May - August

Then off to Manila, Philippines I went with my younger brother. YAY!! I was very happy to be with my entire family. 

Being on vacation in the Philippines means I eat like 6 times a day, do lots of shopping, relaxation (masssssagggesss!), and eat some more.

I got to visit so many beautiful places. One of them is the Thunderbird Resorts at Poro Point, La Union. It was meant to look like Santorini, Greece. It was a very relaxing resort :)

Time flew by so quick. Next thing I know my parents are already on their way to Manila as well, just in time to celebrate my 21st Birthday!

I got to celebrate a few family birthdays during my visit too. Our birthdays are so close together!

Next thing I know I'm walking the streets of Hong Kong. I just LOVE this city! It's completely different from Manila, and extremely different from Las Vegas. I was so happy!

We flew here for the weekend of my 21st birthday. I found it ironic that I'm celebrating my 21st halfway across the world when I live in VEGAS? :)

We headed over to LAN KWAI FONG, where you will find Hong Kong's trendiest bars and nightclubs. In short, it's the place to be. Of course, I drank the night away. I didn't get too messed up though, because I clearly remember everything that happened later that night. Hahah.

After LKF, the only transportations available after 12:30am were taxis and buses (MTR is already closed). There were 10 of us, so a taxi would cost too much. We decided to take a bus to Mong Kok. Our hotel was in Jordan. There was a huge language barrier so we couldn't really communicate :/ We got SO lost. It was raining SO hard. We walked, and walked, and walked, in the rain, in trashbags from the bar we were at. Hahah. It all sounds crazy. And It was. Our first night in HK - unforgettable. We eventually got home, I have no idea how, but we did.

Hong Kong Disneyland on the day of my Birthday! I was extremely happy!

I should be doing 21-year-old things, yet I'm at Disneyland! Hehe.

One last getaway - to Subic Bay Yacht Club. It was relaxing of course, and it was a nice way to conclude our vacation in Manila.

The trip to Manila went by so fast. My brother and I were there for two months, and my parents were only there about 10 days. Next thing I know I'm already on the plane back to Vegas :( Going to Manila and everything is always so exciting. It's saying goodbye that tears me apart. 

Back to Vegas. I have approximately a week or two to relax and hangout with my friends before the Fall semester starts! 

I had my first real night in VEGAS. I even saw Sean Paul perform. Great night indeed. :)

September - December

Fall 2011 semester started again. I took Biochemistry I, Cell Physiology, Biology colloquium and Physics I. I was also a Microbiology Lab undergraduate teaching assistant. I also joined APHP/MSSP and I met so, so, so many new friends. I also started volunteering at the emergency department at the University Medical Center

Halloween is the first holiday to hit during the Fall semester. Exams aren't that bad yet, so I had time to carve a pumpkin! I carved a Harry Potter pumpkin and my brother took the easy route and just carved an owl. My hands were dying afterwards. It was rewarding to see my work though! :)

Two months flew by then My aunt M.S. and uncle PG came to Vegas! Felt like yesterday that I just saw them in Manila. They're here for the Pacquiao-Marquez III fight! and lots of shopping of course. 9 days of nonstop eating and shopping. Whew!!!

Shopping, shopping, SHOPPING!!! :) 

My aunt M.S. bought me my first pair of Lanvin flats @ the Lanvin boutique inside Crystals. One of the happiest days of my life! Haha. :) Thanks Ninang!

Shopping galore at Hermes, YSL and Lanvin. Craziness.

Somewhere in between, a few of my girlfriends and I went to Haze Nightclub at Aria to see USHER!!! One of the happiest days of my life as well! 

It was so surreal that Usher was only a few feet away from me. I've always been such a big fan. Too bad he didn't sing though, he just 'partied' with us. Heehee. Good enough for me though!

That same weekend, I went to the KPOP masters concert with my brother. He's been BUGGING me for WEEKS to go to this concert. Hawmygod. Haha. I'm not really that into KPOP anymore, but I still knew some of the singers like SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls and BEAST. I did end up liking two more bands - MBLAQ and TVXQ. 

This KPOP concert would've been complete if only Taeyang, Rain, Bigbang and 2NE1 were there.

A few weeks after, finals were here to bite me in the butt again. I definitely studied my butt off. I just absolutely hate how exams are back to back. Why can't they do it in weeks apart? My cell physiology exam was on a monday, and my physics and biochemistry exams were on the same day. How do they expect students to shove all of this information in their heads?

Finals were finally done and I made a gingerbread house to reward myself. Haha. It wasn't really rewarding myself because I worked 3 hours on this, but it was a really nice experience. It turned out well too!

Then it was Christmas once again, my most favorite holiday of the year. 

This year was absolutely amazing. I'm really fortunate to have met so many new people, made so many new friends, been to so many places (across the globe as well), studied hard, made lots of good food, gave back to the community by volunteering and spent lots of time with my family and close friends. 

There's really nothing more I could ask for the coming new year, except for good 
   health, happiness and fortune,
for myself and everyone in my life.