Vegas Life: Usher at Haze

November 10, 2011 - Usher hosts at Haze Nightclub inside Aria at City Center. I heard from somewhere that he owns part of Haze? So that's probably why he's always in Vegas. I was so excited because I can finally go see my fave celebrities when they're appearing at a club! USHER!!! I've been a fan since...forever ago! Back when he sang "You make me wanna," "Nice & Slow" & "My Way." I wish he made songs like back in the day. But I'm still a fan! 

We arrived at Haze around 11pm, and it was PACKED with people! The lines were so ridiculous! Thank goodness we were locals and we got into this special line that gave us little white slips that said locals on it. However, when we headed down to the entrance of the club, the line was twice as long to get in! People were squishing each other. We felt like sardines in a can :/ As the line moved little by little, we finally got to talk to a promoter and showed him our locals pass. He only let the girls in. He was charging the guys $40 per head. The guys just ended up leaving and went to Tao instead. So, it was just us girls! Yes!! We're IN!! It was already about 12:30am when we finally got in!

[Kalila, Marion, Jessica, Me, Chrizta]

We walked around for a few minutes inside the club, it was SO packed! We all had to hold hands so we won't get separated hahah. Then, when we got to a certain area in the club, all of a sudden they were introducing USHER! And he came out right in front of us! Well, on the stage-like thing right in front of us! Good thing we walked around! :) Props to Chrizta for the pro photo of Usher! <3

A photographer from was walking around taking pictures of everyone and we got a chance to take a few pics :) We're featured on! 

Usher didn't really sing, he only sang a few parts of "Without You" and that was good enough for me. He danced a little bit as well, and I was a happy camper! Totally worth the wait to see one of my fave singers of all time. 

Here's a video! :D Excuse our screaming! HAHA!

Speaking of clubs, here's a video of how to dance in a club! Hahah! I love this video, she's super funny! & She's Filipino and lives in VEGAS!!! <3