Strawberry Finds!

It's been awhile since I've done a strawberry post! Here's what I've been hauling the past few months. :)
I loveeeee this necklace! Thank you mom!
Thanks mom for this little coin purse from her trip to San Francisco/Mendocino!
My mom always buys me everything she sees that are strawberry related. Heehee! I can't complain! <3
I love, love, love these cookies! I've been eating them in class since high school.
Say hello to my new little friend! I don't know what to name her? him? Thank you Tita Lynette, Tito Arvin and Bella for this cute strawberry being! :)
I love to make my room smell amazing. Strawberry candles are a must in my room.
A keycover from HK that I completely forgot about! I'm still using my Hello Kitty Panda cover so I won't open it for now. :)

Scratch & Sniff stickers!