GameWorks/M&M's World/Coca-Cola Factory

This post is long overdue. About two weeks ago our friends Jimmy & Telly came to Vegas for a visit before they move over to the east coast (Jimmy is in the navy, so he was assigned a new base). We decided to have some fun where we could all be kids again, so we went to GameWorks on the strip. If you live in Vegas you know that we all only go to the strip when relatives/friends are in town. We avoid it at all costs because its so crowded and traffic. :P
Ty had a little too much fun trying to win me Hello Kitty stuffed toys from the crane machine. He won the light brown one after the second try, so that made him want to get me another one, which he got after the nth time. Hahah. Yay for Hello Kitty stuffed toys :)
Right next to GameWorks is the M&M's world and Coke Factory. Mmm, chocolates and soda. Hah. Unhealthiest combo ever? I love how colorful these places were. Here's a few pictures!
I wanted to run over and give him a hug.
Inside, there was this wall of just M&M's. You can grab a bag and fill it up as much as you want to buy.
Such cute and colorful souvenirs! I'd definitely end up with one of these if I was a tourist. But I'm not so it's okay. Hehe.
Now over to the coke factory. Vegas coke bottles? For about $10? Lol I'll just buy one from the vending machine! I guess this is a good souvenir if you're a coke collector and a tourist. I'm neither! :)
Overall it was a fun little visit to the strip. We're quite sad that Jimmy & Telly are no longer 4 hours away from us. That means less visits from them :/ We're gonna miss you guys! Have a safe trip to Florida! I wish I could post pictures of us but it's all in Telly's camera :(