The UNLV Dining Commons

This year is my 4th year at UNLV and this is the first time that I've dined in the dining commons. Yeah. I'm totally kicking myself now for not checking it out! I've known about it for awhile and I've always wanted to try it. It has been recently renovated, and I'm really pleased with how it looks! :) I went here with my friend Marisol after a good study session at the UNLV lied library last Sunday night. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet (we're in Vegas, of course it would be), and the price for dinner was $8.45. I never thought something at UNLV could be so cheap. Hahah. The dining commons is really for those students who live on campus. I believe they have meal plans that come with their dorm room fees, I'm not really sure... But it's open for all students who live off and on campus, faculty/staff and even guests. I'm definitely coming here instead of spending $8 for a meal at Panda Express.

The first thing I grabbed - soup. I always start off with soup. :)

Salad bar :) I had a plate of that too. Haha.

Burgers/Hotdogs/Grilled sandwiches/Fries bar.

Condiments for the burgers/hotdogs

My burger and fries. I was already in the middle of eating it when I realized I need to take a picture for my blog. Hahahaha. I was so hungry!!!

Baked Ziti pasta. I couldn't believe myself when I ate the whole thing. Lol.

The dessert area. DESSERT?!?! I saw this after I had so much food already. So I couldn't take anymore in. Hahah.

The pizza and pasta bar

The exhibition area - they were serving TACOS!!! I was too full as well! AHH!!

There were 6 different kinds of milk to choose from. SIX!! There's also ice cream on the right side. ICE CREAM!! :)

Cereal!! :)


Create your own waffles!

REBEL waffles!!!!!

 Ohhh my gosh I can't even tell you how full I was afterwards. I could barely walk back to the library. I lasted one more hour studying before I was so sleepy (I always get so sleepy after a big meal) then I finally came home. 

I had to make myself  stay up until I finish studying for my exam the next day! So much information to remember... But at least the professor allows us one 4x6 index card to write notes on to use on the test! I totally took advantage of it and wrote really small ;)


  1. yikes!!! what the hell are you studying??? hahahaha... i'm so proud of you Trish...


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