Gossip Girl & Hart of Dixie

After watching all the episodes of Gossip Girl season 4 when I was on vacay in Manila, I could NOT wait until season 5! OMG! Gossip Girl is by far the only show that I've kept up with all seasons. The first episode of season 5 was aired last Monday and I loved it! Definitely a good start to the season. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone so I won't say anything ;)

Right after Gossip Girl ended was the pilot episode for the new show Hart of Dixie. I've been hearing about this show on the radio, so I decided to watch it. I am so glad I did! Three reasons why I'm loving it - Rachel Bilson is a doctor in this series! She just graduated from med school (I can sort of relate!), Rachel wore such CUTE outfits under her lab coat! I'm definitely going to dress like her when I become a doctor one day!, and this show is from the executive producers of Gossip Girl! (No wonder I LOVE IT!) AHH can it get any better? 

Now I have to set aside two hours of my Monday nights instead of one! I'm glad my favorite show and my newwww fave are back to back! 

I love, love, love Rachel's outfit here. Loving the fall colors. And look at her doctor's bag! I want one ;)