Dinner: Ichiza

There's so many Japanese restaurants in Vegas. The only one we really go to for some authentic Japanese food is Ichiza [my mom would know what authentic Japanese food tastes like, since she's traveled there before]. So yes, if you're craving Japanese food, this is the place to go! :)

Cute tiny place with their menu on the walls as well. This place gets pretty darn packed! Reservations are recommended especially if there's quite a few in your party.

[My ultra fave - Mapo Tofu]

It's got that perfect spicy/sweet/salty/savory combination. Of all the Mapo tofu's I've had, this is my favorite. 

[Steamed rice to go with my mapo tofu]

[Shrimp Tempura Bowl]


[Pike Mackerel]


Delish. Makes me miss Asia so bad. Especially Hong Kong! The food, the atmosphere, the city, the shopping, it's just so different. Hopefully I'll be back soon enough! :)

Perfect shot (taken by my pops) of the Hong Kong skyline. Who wouldn't miss this?!